Job Offer for Coaching our Girls’ Team -- Übungsleiter/in für unsere weibliche Jugend

You love Lacrosse and have broad experience in playing and/or coaching? We are looking for a committed coach for our girls team (age 10 to 16 years old).

Practice in German is preferred.

The current team consists of 5 to 7 girls, who play Lacrosse for a few years / months. We play as a community team with another club in the German League for the Youth. In our league twice or thrice per season we have game days, which take up most of a weekend’s day.


What we expect

You should be able to lead practice with confidence, create appropriate drills and adapt them to match different playing levels and number of players. We expect Lacrosse knowledge that goes beyond basic FIL rules as well as knowledge about healthy physical body movement. Depending on your skill level, we can support you in attaining additional certificates. But most importantly, you should attend and fully commit to all practices and games and be able to motivate the team. Also, you should be able to manage communication with parents and players.



In German Lacrosse most coaches are part-time employees or volunteers. Neither will our position make a living nor does it privilege for VISA. You need to have a day job with residence/work permit. However, we offer a regular auxiliary income, the reimbursement for travel costs as well as a set of our club cloth!


Depending on your skills and wishes, we can surely adapt tasks and support you in your role. Feel free to contact us for more information by mail (damen[at]


As long as this post is online, we are still looking for match!
Last updated 31.08.2022


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